Free to play


Free-to-Play is a new concept initiated by Herobook since the first version. We find that the players must invest a certain amount of money in playing the game is unreasonable and prevents many traditional players from playing NFT games. In an e-sport game, the more players, the better the battle. Pay to Play limits the expansion of Herobook in the future. ‌That's why we decided to build a Free-to-Play model, and players don't need any investment to play the game.

Free-To-Play in Herobook

The new beginners will be given a normal hero to play and can be used to earn native in-game tokens . When you play to a certain rank, you will get the 2nd. You can make enough tokens to open new premium heroes on Herobook Marketplace with these three two heroes.

Free Heroes vs. Premium Heroes

The free hero offers less opportunities for earning tokens compared to the premium hero

You cannot buy, sell or trade a free hero

Free Hero cannot participate in Special Events

Free Hero cannot be traded on the marketplace

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