Tanker: The character class has high defense and health stats, and the attack power is also mid-range. However, the short attack range and slow movement speed make this class lack mobility and easily destroyed by other classes.


Contrary to the image of a calm scientist with a remarkable high IQ, Gory's close combat ability can immediately knock down opponents when he steps on the stand.


Roar is a common trait in bosses. Leo's roar will be the harbinger of an impending carnage on the planet


Waiting for the opportunity and defeating the opponent while they are dying is the style of the cold-blooded killer Sharky. He also can heal himself after biting the opponent.


You need a great deal of patience when fighting the slow miner Tote because of his top-notch defense


Traffic police with a kind heart and extraordinary strength. Whether attacking in an empty or full state, Dumbo hit high damage to the opponent.

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