Character ownership

  • Diverse character system with up to 20 species.

  • Each player will be free to play 1 of 2 characters: Foxy, Gory and the remaining 18 characters will be opened from a random Genesis Box.

  • Each character will have a different rarity. The 3 rarity characters below combine to create a higher rarity character

Character level up

  • Each character has 20 levels, after each battle, players will accumulate experience to level up and increase stats.

  • Levels and stats will directly affect the value of the character when trading

Character rarity

  • 20 characters will be divided into 4 different rarity levels. When opening the Genebox will receive 1 random character of 4 rarity.

  • 3 characters of the same type will be upgraded to a higher rarity.

  • The rarity of the character will directly affect the value of the character when trading.

Trade characters with each other

  • All characters can be bought and sold on the Marketplace (except for the original 2 free characters), players can completely experience all the characters they want.

  • The value of an NFT character will be based on its level, equipment, and rarity

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