Question 1: Why does HBG only have one token instead of 2 like other projects?

The essence of having 2 tokens is to launch one more token ingame to keep the main token from inflation and growth

However, it is the ingame token that determines the player's income. In addition, we also need an effective anti-inflation strategy.

HBG only uses 1 token because it wants to focus on administrating on one token only, avoiding the situation of the main token increasing in price and the ingame token decreasing in price, affecting the income of participants.

Question 2: What is the anti-inflation mechanism of HBG?

HBG will burn 1% of each transaction of ecosystem participants, thereby reducing the supply.

The HBG team has committed to developing at least 2 new products in the ecosystem every year, thereby increasing the demand for the HBG token.

Increase the benefits of holding HBG tokens with a passive farming policy when there is a transaction as well as enabling other Dev teams to connect their games to the ecosystem

Question 3: Why did HBG sell a lot in the Public Sale round and did not lock the token?

HBG creates an initial token issuance mechanism that is different from most other projects in that it focuses on selling in the Public Sale round and does not lock the sold tokens in this round.

The goal is to avoid the case that the wallets that won the Private Sale are bought at a low price, then wait for the token to increase in price and take profits, leading to a sharp drop in the token price after the first correction.

The goal of the HBG team is to create a sustainable token that grows based on community ownership and gaming demand, limiting FOMO and speculation.

Question 4: What is the competitive advantage of Herobook compared to other NFT game projects on the market?

We create 3 platform games on the same ecosystem with the aim of diversifying the target audience.

HBG is a gamefi ecosystem that focuses on gaming experience rather than financial play.

Tokenomic is different, helping to reduce supply and increase demand automatically.

The fair release mechanism creates real and sustainable value for the project.

Question 5: What plans does Herobook have for the future?

In 2022, HBG will focus on developing 3 platform games and connecting to existing ecosystems.

We are planning on organizing e-sport tournaments, events, game guides combined with VR and AR technology to develop HBG's gaming community.

In 2023, HBG will focus on NFTization of traditional games, developing new ecosystems and users. It is expected that there will be new game genres such as RPG, MOBA, and FBS.

In 2024, the orientation is to turn gamers into a popular and socially recognized profession.

Question 6: Why is the lock time of Seed Round and Private Sale so long?

HBG's goal at the Seed Round and Private Sale is to find long-term partners who share the same vision with the project.

The long locking time of these rounds both ensures that the partners will be with the project for a long time and avoids the case that the partners make early profit-taking, reducing the token price after the first few adjustments.

With that commitment, HBG confidently creates a healthy and truly valuable ecosystem.

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