Gladiator: a character class with a rolling style, specializing in fighting and dealing tons of damage to opponents. However, the defense of this character class is not really high, so it needs to be calculated every time you enter a fight


No complicated strategy, reckless blood, and extraordinary strength are what the worker Chuck has.


Nurse Sonic with the observation from above and identifying opponents through sound waves thanks to special ears. Her medical skills help her suck all the blood of her enemies.


Concealment is Berry's specialty that makes the whole planet wary. Don't underestimate her flexible and powerful tongue.


Adventurers love to explore and face all challenges. The power and speed of the fangs will tear the opponent apart instantly if they get close to Tygra


The commando's camouflage ability is maximized when Crocky hunts in the aquatic environment. He will grab his opponent as soon as he appears in close range


Agile but delicate, Bunnie makes it impossible for opponents to approach her with jumps that can create underground waves.


Adler has a high fighting spirit and outstanding speed. The opponent marked by the pilot would not have a chance to escape his sharp gaze.

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