Vision & Mission


  • If real-life inhibits people's abilities, we will provide an opportunity for everyone to unleash their potential. We want to create a world where people step in to satisfy their creativity, explore thinking, interact and join hands to realize the common good.

  • We will create a transparent, highly liquid, secure, unlimited freedom of connection game that will change both the Game and finance industry in the world in the 21st century with Blockchain technology.


  • Hero Book aims to become a Metaverse connecting the Blockchain games and traditional games network in the international game market

  • NFT Hero and the HBG Token will connect all the games in Hero Book to create a strong ecosystem

  • With only one NFT Hero and HBG Token, players can start to explore all three main Hero Book games.

Core Value

  • The Unique NFT character system and application in a variety of game platforms

  • Experience a high-class game platform with beautiful graphics - highly entertaining and suitable for a wide players community

  • Create a source of income from your passion

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